Serge, Shaka and an Englishman in Berlin

I’M A LITTLE bit slow on the uptake on this, but some kind soul on an unrelated forum pointed me in the direction of Minimatic, who they first heard on the supercool music player on Aurgasm.

There’s a great remix of an old Serge Gainsbourg track which may be familiar to fans of The Lovers, and even a cover A-ha’s Take On Me. Liking Minimatic a lot.

The lovely John at Uncarved recently went to see Jah Shaka rocking the foundations of a roller disco in north London and wrote about it here. Inspiring stuff. I need to see him again, soon.

Batson Bargreaves is a Victorian gentleman whose diary of engagements in genteel south Manchester, and associated whimsical anthropological musings, have somehow been transposed onto the modern-day webnet in the form of Cotton and Coal. He is/was in Berlin at the moment.

Have the authorities been informed?


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