20 responses to “Antisect

  1. johnn

    any idea what that symbol on the cover of the album meant?
    i was walking through the back streets of manchester sometime back and spotted the exact same symbol carved into the stone above a doorway,no name of a buisness on the door or anything,thought it was a bit strange to say the least,stranger still is i have walked around the same area since to try and get a photograph of it but cant find it now,oh bugger!

  2. undeleted

    I remember reading somewhere that it was part of a series of Japanese woodcuts and apparently it represents wheat, but I could be wrong. Other readers might have a better idea.

    I think we may be talking about the same building Johnn, just off St Anne’s Square? It was actually etched into the glass but I haven’t been near there since I stopped working for that particular subsiduary of a loathsome, rightwing newspaper group so it may well have gone now.

    Surprised the fuck out of me too!

    Thanks for stopping by again Johnn.

  3. johnn

    i think your right about it being off st annes square,maybe the back street that runs parrallel with king street?
    i was sure it was carved in stone though,but,due to the damage my memorey has suffered(it was all thatchers fault!) i’ll take your word for it.
    was dallas the guy who did rising free fanzine in leeds?or is that another memorey mishap?

  4. johnn

    or was it ‘ raising hell fanzine? ‘

  5. undeleted

    Dallas lived in Leeds for a bit but I don’t think he did that zine. I vaguely remember the name but not much else. Raising Hell was put together by Sik O’War.

  6. johnno

    thanks for the memorey update,raising hell was a great zine always looked forward to reading it,used to go up to leeds quite a bit for gigs at the duchess,saw some top bands there,but remembering em might be a wee bit difficult although favourite may well have been Godflesh.dont see that name on the old punk blogs too often.awesome band(well i thought so)

  7. undeleted

    Did I see Godflesh at the Duchess? Maybe with Prong? I took Prong for a Chinese .. claim to fame or what?

    Can’t remember how, why, when or where, but I met Justin Broadrick a few times. Lovely, lovely bloke, totally different to what you’d imagine hearing his music. Well, you know what I mean.

    And Raising Hell was brilliant, wasn’t it? Funny as fuck.

  8. as far as I’m aware the antisect cover image came from a book of traditional japanese motifs at Dial House, the same book the cover of Annie Anxiety’s Crass records single was taken from. Penny Rimbaud came round our house a year or so ago, and saw the ‘antisect’ cover image stenciled onto a piece of black material that a friend gave me as a present some 25 years ago on our living room wall and commented “Thats a nice image, where did you get it from?” “Well its from your book, don’t you rememeber it???” Obviously not.

  9. undeleted

    Thanks for the info and anecdotage Graham.

    What I want to know is, how on earth did it end up in that building in Manchester? It isn’t owned by the Daily Mail, just rented out by one of it’s companies (the Metro that you get on the buses, in fact) but even so, it’s quite a strange one ..

  10. paul townshend

    Hey hey fella, I found a link to all this hidden away in my documents folder. I remember reading the Antisect pieces 1st time round in your ‘zines, oh my they don’t sound like they were having much fun do they?… Off to read the Amebix one now…

  11. undeleted

    Alright mate, what’s happening? Long time no see. It’s good to hear from you.

    I dunno. I think they were a bit defensive first time around, but you remember what I was like back then. I could be a bit confrontational. And that whole scene could be a touch uptight sometimes, couldn’t it?

    Come back again. Often

  12. johnn

    i had another look for the window with the antisect logo in it but still cant find it!
    can you remember what street it was on?
    unless it has been gobbled up by “regeneration”?

  13. undeleted

    Nah Johnn, the building is still there but I think they replaced the window .. or was it actually inside the building? Probably best to look in office hours. Either way, the address is Acresfield, 8-10 Exchange Street. That’s next door to the outdoor clothing shop, on the pedestrianised road next door to the HSBC bank on the other side of the square to the Royal Exchange.
    Happy hunting!

  14. johnn

    success at last!seems we were both right,its carved into the stone above the entrance and is on the window as well.
    my guess as to why its there might be because this building is in what was once a large financial area in the 19th centurey,youve got the old commodities exchange now the theatre opposite which dealt in cotton mostly but other stuff as well,wheat perhaps?
    then the old corn and produce exchange down the road,now for some reason called ‘the triangle’.there were lots of banks around the area too,hence,old bank street next to the exchange as well as the Manchester stock exchange further up the road,now a restaurant.
    thats my guess as to why the old antisect logo is on the building anyway.
    some pictures of it here …..

    and here……..http://s644.photobucket.com/albums/uu164/swagbag65/?action=view&current=S5000992.jpg

  15. undeleted

    Ha ha! Brilliant work Johnn. What a team! Those pix really tickle me for some reason. Antisect go corporate?

    And did you know there’s a building around the corner with the Crass logo carved above the door?

    Only joking.

  16. All together now: WHY! WHY MUST I DIE! Great band, Northampton’s finest (well them and Bauhaus).

  17. undeleted

    Good choice. Not really keen on the heavy metal side of anarcho but I definitely have a soft spot for Antisect, Transpontine – and that particular tune (Tortured and Abused?) is one of my favourites.

    Having said that, I probably prefer Bauhaus.

  18. john

    looks like they have reformed,dont know of any uk dates yet
    tortured and abused-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h0fjb8rTt4&feature=related

  19. Inevitable, I guess. Not for me, but I hope you have fun, John ..

  20. Mike

    Yeah they are definitely back. Saw them in London last week and they were intense, and brilliant. I didn’t see them the first time round, but they still have “it”, and quite a bit more. Enjoyed the interviews, cheers for posting these.

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