Beefs and love, again and again

EARLIER this year, for reasons too complicated to go into here, I had reason to be looking for kids from an estate in Preston who made their own music.

It turned out that the supposedly uncommunicative and hard-to-reach youth on this particular estate were absolutely into communicating with the outside world, but you’d only know about it if you looked on MySpace.

Although broadly ‘urban’ in origin, the music they’re coming up with ranges from grime and dubstep to 4×4 bassline and straightforward hip hop. In the comments for each profile, it’s all about barz, beefs, merking and endz and a lot of the time I don’t have a fucking clue what they’re on about, to be honest – though I have a pretty good idea – but one name seems to crop up time and again.

Dub P is the local producer who puts together the tracks many of the MCs rhyme over, and the guy clearly has talent.  It also seems like he takes no shit from the boyz in the hoodies he works with.

According to his profile: “I don’t care about who u run with, who u beef, as long as u can spit on time, clear an real, then I’ll sort u out ..”

I like Dub P a lot. Check his stuff out here.

Even earlier this year, an old friend and colleague who, unlike me, is still held in enough regard by what remains of the music industry to get free albums sent to him, gave me a link for the full press download of Love, the latest album by San Francisco stoner-rock legends Flipper. Yeah. So fuck you, Mr Music Biz-Man.

Oh. They released it themselves.

Erm, anyway, I liked them well enough back in the day to buy Ha Ha Ha, Sex Bomb, Generic and some live ROIR cassette but I was never into Flipper like I was the Fall or the Buttholes, for example.

They were a bit slow for me. And there was never much chance of seeing them live in the UK. Having said that, I’ve been playing the album – which is released by their own Flipper Records – a lot. Maybe my metabolism has finally slowed down enough for me to appreciate them fully.

There’s no great stylistic leap forward, and Love is made up of the same sludgy, basic drone-rock Flipper have been cranking out for the best part of three decades, with singer Bruce Loose still angry, still resentful, still addressing the longstanding Flipper concerns of love and sex and not doing your homework. It’s tried and tested but it works for me.

Have a listen for yourself. Here’s the album’s opener, Be Good, Child.

After all that serious bloke music stuff, time for something lighter – though you should be warned that rain and Blackpool feature heavily.

It’s probably about five years ago now since me and my old friend Mondo del Fuego (a former bassist with the Abrasive Wheels, trivia fans), put together a ‘re-edit’ of killer new-wave disco tune Kiss Me Again by Dinosaur (also known as Arthur Russell and Nicky Siano – please do your homework if you don’t know who these people are).

Mondo provided the studio, the production expertise and the musical ability and I provided the glamour. I also skinned up a lot. Okay, I might have done a little one-fingered keyboard playing too. We never did anything with the track in the end and it’s not as if Kiss Me Again really needed re-editing in the first place. But y’know, I like it.

So last week, the missus and me were going to Blackpool anyway, it was raining and I wanted to do some filming with my beautiful new Flip Ultra, so I thought I’d stick our edit, Again & Again, over the top of the footage I took and see what happened.

Well, here is what happened. I know it’s a bit crappy and amateurish but I really enjoyed putting it together and I think I’m going to do a bit more of this kind of stuff, so don’t complain that you haven’t had fair warning. I’m sure I’ll get better at it, eventually. Most likely.

And finally, against my better judgement, I’ve re-upped a load of tracks I’ve featured on Expletive Undeleted in the past. I say against my better judgement because, as much as I like people being able to listen to the stuff I’m talking about, I don’t really see why I should expose myself to possible bandwidth strangulation for the type of people who download stuff and then fuck off into the wild blue yonder without even thinking about leaving a comment. To me, that’s just fucking rude.

So have a mooch around the site for stuff by people like Jah Shaka, Wire, Swans and the Cramps etc – I’ll be putting more stuff back up and generally sorting out the site over the next few days – but leave a comment if you find anything you like. Or not.

Either way, you’ll get a free tune. But if you don’t leave a comment the karmic imbalance will have far-reaching and profound implications for your future well-being.

Let’s be careful out there people.


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8 responses to “Beefs and love, again and again

  1. linda

    I have seen Flipper live back in the day and while I wouldn’t say they were ever sloppy, this album is more pulled together to me than early stuff. I do miss the late Will Shatter’s vocals. However, what I call the “California sound” is still pretty strong in their latest and I’m not feeling actual nostalgia. It feels new. Loving it more and more.
    I don’t blame you about thinking twice before putting things up here on the blog. I stopped putting up obscure Japanese links and things like that on mine for the same reasoning.
    Thanks though for putting it all here anyway. I do appreciate it!

  2. undeleted

    Totally envy you seeing them live Linda. More details please! And what do you mean by the California sound? I was never really a major fan of Flipper so I’m interested to get your take on what they’re doing now.

    Sounds as if you like it, which makes me very happy.

    Yeah, people downloading stuff without even acknowledging my existence really gets on my nerves, like I say, it’s just plain rude. But you know, fuck ’em. It’s their loss.

    They might have got a free tune but the comments are where the really interesting stuff happens – that guy who took the pix of the building with the Antisect logo carved into it just googled the band’s name, I think, and decided to say hello. He found out where it was and I got a photo. Everyone wins.

    Bollocks to the silent downloaders. Probably wouldn’t have anything interesting to say anyway.

    They still get on my nerves though.

  3. linda

    Its a long story but I’ll try to condense.

    Flipper rarely played by the time I was on the scene but they were notorious of course. There were two waves (I think) of punk is S.F. The first was the artsy stuff (the Nuns, Avengers, Crime, the Offs, Flipper, D.K’s), not necessarily all at once but in succession (and not all artsy either but I call it that to help define it in my life).

    Then it was hardcore (where I fit in), more obscure local bands but many coming from Southern California, (think Black Flag/Agent Orange). That sound is what I refer to as the “California sound”.

    I don’t know if I can articulate it in words, not very good at doing descriptive writing. But I can spot it when I hear it. In retrospect, it must be the influence of the early bands on the hard core scene that I recognize. So when I hear Flipper today, they sound like that era of music which they no doubt influenced. Whatever it is, I love it and it brings me back to my West Coast roots. I’ll try to think of how to actually bring the point home but at the moment it evades me.

    Flipper in all honesty, when I saw them, were comparatively boring to watch. You said it yourself, long and drawn out tunes. It could be just as drawn out live (Sex Bomb and Life do go on and on), I remember it to be really drawn out, very dirgey, with attempts at attitude from the band but not so much from Will Shatter who was their vocalist at the time. He was more along the lines of relating to the audience while the rest where just “too cool”. Will Shatter was it for us. Bruce Loose was just cool by reputation(and we girls thought he was really hot).

    However, we were seeing legends. They didn’t match our energy level when you consider that stage diving and slam dancing was the big thing. Hardcore was very violent in its emotions, while Flipper kind of lacked that edge which is fine now, but back then, didn’t cut it that much. I saw them at a venue called the On Broadway (upstairs from the Mabuhay Gardens).

    I’ll try to remember more, its kind of hard, lots of bad things happened in that scene and memories are murky.

    I know exactly how you feel about lurkers who take and then don’t give anything. They are rude and then with some things (like art and patterns and such things that I could create and put up but won’t) there is the possibility of plagiarism. I have seen it done (in fact had it done at another blog and I see it all the time with Japanese pop art in particular) so I really have no respect for people like that.

    What gets me is that they whine about not getting comments on their own blogs. They seem to forget that we can follow visitors sometimes. It kills me when I get 60 hits on good days and no comments. How does that even make sense? But I write for myself more than anything and yes, its their loss. But remember, 99% of the internet are lurkers. That is a real stat. Its very common.

  4. I’m touched by your kind words although the project isn’t the same without you. I like your vid it feels like it would suit a place in a Tarantino film, I also like the quality of it as well but that’s the techie person in me trying to get out.

    Im looking forward to hopefully catching you at open 09 seems every time we meet we end up in the pub but that’s hardly a concern really.

    I got my new MIDI keyboard the other day called her Sarah so if you ever feel like making some music give me a shout I’m sure i wont get my OBE without your help.

  5. undeleted

    Crikey, thanks for the insights on the SF scene Linda. I’m guessing this was early to mid Eighties, right?

    I can imagine Flipper might not be the most dynamic band onstage but I’d probably just smoke a load of weed and get on the long, drawn-out droney thing. It would definitely work for me.

    Your comment about the difference in energy levels between band and audience made me laugh.

    And I never imagined that Bruce Loose could be a sex symbol, but I’ll take your word for it.

    I think the attitude of taking without bothering to communicate links in with the whole way that kids consume music online. They’re used to not paying it for it, they can easily get the stuff they like in bulk and as a result it’s something pretty disposable and not worth thinking about too much.

    They can get anything they want with a couple of clicks. Some of this stuff has taken me years to track down – which is probably why silent downloaders annoy me. They get this shit for free with a minimum of effort and can’t even spend two minutes saying hello? Piss poor.

    But other people do comment and I wouldn’t want to stop them getting access to this stuff just because of a few ignorant wankers on the internet. That would be absolutely ridiculous. So I’ll keep uploading stuff but I’ll also continue to berate these tedious, apathetic, know-nothing fucks for the ignorant pieces of shit they are.

    And thank you for totally proving my point that the comments are where the really interesting stuff happens online.

    Mr Dub P! Good to hear from you mate. How is PR2?

    Yes, Tarantino’s days are numbered. There is a new film-maker in town .. Ha ha ha! Not sure about that, but I had a blast putting it together and I need to get more comfortable with this stuff for the day job anyway, so I’m definitely going to be doing more, I reckon. And the old punk rocker in me really gets off on the DIY aspect of it, ie being able to put your own music and pictures together, and get it out there and seen by a few people, but without having to jump through hoops for some corporate twat.

    It’s not exactly a new concept but it’s a new thing for me and I like it a lot.

    And I’m sure the project will just about manage to struggle on without me.

    Hope you are getting on well with Sarah. Intriguing idea about doing a tune. I could revive my old pretend rave-DJ name. But is the world ready for Dub P meets Cutmaster Bass Power Uptown?

  6. linda

    And I thought I had condensed! LOL! Feel free to edit my comments at will next time. I hear what you’re saying about the downloaders. Have you thought about password protecting some stuff? I don’t know how well it would go over or how much more work for you that would be. I did it on one post because I wanted to get rid of some lurkers but the problem then is that the post doesn’t appear in search engines from the looks of it. I never bothered to check it out further.

  7. linda

    Oh, to answer your question, I think I saw Flipper in 1982. By then they didn’t play much.

  8. undeleted

    Don’t worry about writing lots Linda, it’s nice to get feedback.

    I dunno, I suppose I’m not actually bothered enough to get into password protecting posts. As long as I’m getting some kind of response through the comments, that’s good enough for me.

    Then again, if it starts to piss me off again, I might think about it.

    Flipper in 1982. Wow. That would be something to see.

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