Andrew Weatherall*2

WHEN Andrew Weatherall is playing at your local boozer on a Sunday night, it’s probably a good idea to cancel your plans for Monday morning. Either that, or just avoid getting falling down drunk. Unfortunately, last night I did neither.

Weatherall – sitting on a leather armchair underneath a picture of a moose in the corner of Electrik – played some really fantastic music on his single deck, from a rock’n’roll version of Tainted Love and a steel band version of Gary Numan’s Cars to stone-cold punk funk classics by the Clash and the Slits. People danced. It was a lot of fun.

Some of us had a bit too much fun and by the time I spoke to the man himself after he’d DJed .. well, I wasn’t really at my best. It’s just as well I got the interview on film because I can’t actually remember any of it.

I’d like to to say that the interesting and unique framing of my subject throughout parts of the interview was intentional. But it wasn’t. At least one of us was talking sense.

Many thanks and massive apologies to Weatherall for being kind enough to put up with my confused, rambling non-questions and ramshackle filming ‘techniques’. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

I will get better at this stuff one day and I probably won’t drink so much next time. Most likely.

See also: 1993 Weatherall interview


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24 responses to “Andrew Weatherall*2

  1. Undeleted should grow a tashe like his DJ Godness Weatherall, it’ll make him more attractive to other DJs..x

  2. Andre the Giant

    great stuff

  3. swiss adam

    Good stuff. Still pissed off I missed this.

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  5. I’m not sure I could carry off that kind of muzzy Sustained Theatre. I think you could though. It would look v North West Frontier. Distinguished. Do it. Do it now.

    It was a great night Swiss Adam – and free too. It’s a shame you couldn’t make it. I think Jerry Dammers and maybe Ashley Beadle are supposed to be doing the same one-deck thing at some point in the near future. Are you a twitterererer? Full details via @electrikbar

    Cheers Andre.

  6. swiss adam

    Sounds great. Will keep an eye out. Not a twitterer no, but I do have a blog

  7. Matt

    Nice one Undeleted, was there early (too early). Were Mojito’s on offer or summat ;-) ? Still a great bit of video. You well?

  8. I thought I’d save money by sticking to double vodka and red bull but unfortunately I can just drink that stuff like pop, so I ended up peaking way, way too early. Dribbling middle-aged acid ted. It’s not a good look.

    Brilliant night though. Weatherall knows what he’s doing with this music stuff, doesn’t he?

    I’m good Matt, missing you on Twitter but struggling manfully through the pain. Vaguely thinking about getting quizzical tonight. The old team! Back together again!

    What say you?

  9. I’ll take that as a no

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  11. Waka

    Enjoyed that…..I might have to try the one deck thing again……I started that way, then added a hand held tape deck. Pissed I missed that gig. More please…..

  12. mw

    can anyone ID the track that starts at 00:15 ?????

  13. Alright Wak, glad you liked it. More of this kind of unprofessional shit coming soon.

    MW: Sorry mate, haven’t a clue. It’s a good one though, innit?

  14. mw

    it’s a great tune……..cheers anyway

  15. Might be an idea to check back once in a while MW, someone will probably clue us up sooner or later

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  17. Here you go MW, we got there in the end.

    It’s Rock Steady by the Marvels.

  18. mw

    good work, cheers

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  22. prestonbob

    You need a proper cameraman there….or maybe you was attracted to the mussie…you bloody were were’nt you

  23. Hahaha! Just a bit tired and emotional, that’s all. I am a rubbish camerman though, it has to be said ..

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