Factual facts

HOW about we agree to not talk about the last year of inactivity? Let’s just say that some stuff cropped up. What’s a year between friends?

The good news is I’m interested in hearing new music once again. There is no bad news.

Here are some things I’ve seen and heard recently.

Bristol odd-bods OLO Worms are just about to release their debut album Yard is Open. It reminds me of Liars, a bit, and it’s definitely very wonky and dissonant and all that stuff I’m supposed to be into – but I’m not sure about it yet.

However the single Strays is all kinds of wonderful. One of my favourite tunes of the year in fact. Unfortunately the video for the track disturbs me so you’ll just have to be content with a download of Strays here. Don’t say I never give you anything.

Kathryn Williams has been knocking about on the folk scene for years but while she’s very well thought of, I never paid much attention. She’s just done an album as The Pond, working with a series of collaborators on more beat-driven material, believe it or not.

On the strength of the gently insistent groove of this particular track, it seems like it works – although the rap probably puts the final nail in the coffin of hip hop. You’ll also find details about how you can get The Pond to play in your living room when they tour the UK in October.

Courtesy of Mr Suhail Khan comes news of Thallie Ann Seenyen, a recent arrival to Manchester from Mauritius who, perhaps inevitably, ran into Special K at some bar or gallery opening or something.

Built around a steal from the rather marvellous Nightwriters’ classic Let the Music Use You, her track Haunting is a languidly lovely piece of subtly textured soulful house music that makes me want to dance on a beach. Have a listen here.

Meanwhile, California-based Kissed Her Little Sister might have the shittest name in the history of rock n’ roll but his college meth-heads-meet-the-Beachboys hip hop jam Wasting Time has got me by the ears and won’t let go.

Factual facts and lying lies indeed.

Some actual factual hip hop comes from the Delusionists, who hail from fashionable and chi-chi Hackney in cosmopolitan Londontown. As you know, I know fuck all about hip hop but even I can find something to love in Smash Bros, which features Bristol boys Relly & Zweli (could be Ren & Stimpy for all I know). Hear it here.

Fresh out of Berlin – or at least fresh last April – is/was Filastine with an extraordinary take on an Indonesian protest song, Gendjer2, from their debut album Loot. A beautiful video directed by Astu Prasidya accompanies an arresting and extraordinary composition. Get on it.

I’ve got an awful lot of time for We Are The Physics’ brand of excitable punk rock. The latest single by these shy and retiring Glaswegians, Applied Robotics, is loud and noisy and fast and stupid and clever in all the right ways. It’s out this month. Make your ears listen to it here now.

There is some excellent facial hair going on in the video for Hot Soles’ Ready To Burn, and some excellent non-dancing too. They appear to be having big fun. Thrillingly, despite looking like they come from somewhere in the arse end of the US Midwest, Hot Soles are actually from Sheffield. This pleases me. Their spiky, fiery and energetic sound isn’t bad either.

I’ve been enjoying listening to some superb house mixes just recently from the likes of Eats Everything, Feel My Bicep and Leeds wunderkind Happa but this from Lawson is right up there with the best of them. Highly recommended.



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2 responses to “Factual facts

  1. good to see you back. don’t wait so long next time.

  2. Thank you, that’s very sweet of you acidted. I’ve got a few posts half done but I need to get myself another job before I can get back on it properly. Consider me encouraged. Thanks again.

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