Mark Archer

IF YOU live in the UK, you’re of a certain age and you haven’t ever totally lost it to one of Mark Archer’s tunes, you’ve no business owning feet. Hand them in at the door on your way out.

In 1989, the same year the Stafford-raised Archer and a mate called Dean Meredith started Bizarre Inc, Archer also started making Detroit-influenced electronic music with Chris Peat as Nexus 21. Archer and Peat later started a side project by the name of Altern 8, with the sound of raw 808s replaced by sampled breakbeats. After the pair went their separate ways in the mid-Nineties, Archer proceeded to explore a more house-orientated direction with Danny Taurus as Slo Moshun.

One way or another, we’ve all been dancing to Mark Archer’s tune – even if we didn’t realise it.

Happily, Archer still knows how to work a dancefloor and he played Laurie Laptop’s Alphabetica session in Chorlton last weekend (Nicky Siano and Graeme Park have also DJed in Dulcimer’s upper bar, fact fans). Dulcimer isn’t quite my local but it’s a couple of doors down from my local so I thought I’d better put in an appearance.

It was a fun night. Archer and his amiable Scouse mate Shaun seemed like thoroughly decent blokes, he and Laurie played some fine records, pretty girls danced drunkenly and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. I just about managed to keep a lid on it.

In the event, it was the start of what turned out to be a long Bank Holiday weekend. I think Mark only agreed to do an interview as a way of avoiding having to listen to more fascinating facts about Chorlton (all of which were true and none of which were about the Bee Gees, incidentally). Either way, he had a lot of interesting things to say.

Please note that the slurred, rambling non-questions are all my own work, as is the ‘mood lighting’ and almost total lack of editing. The only reason I split it in two was because the original interview was too long for YouTube and too big for my weekly upload limit on Vimeo, otherwise I would have embedded it exactly as it was shot.

I know I should give more of a flying fuck about this stuff but I just don’t. Think of it as shit Dogme. And laziness.

Big love to the endlessly entertaining, patient and tolerant Mark, Laurie and Shaun for their invaluable assistance in the making of this feature presentation.

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  1. Awesome interview !!..The Vicks in a bucket and a sponge was all the ‘rave’ at the Warehouse at that time in Leeds…lmao about the toothpaste!!
    Cheers :¬)

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