punkrockdisco1: Ideologically Unsound

DEFINITELY safe for work and family gatherings.

Radio 4, PiL

Drought, Flies on You

The Man Who Did Backwards Somersaults, Portion Control

Vax, Mouse on Mars

Akabu Theme, Akabu

Rubbish Monkey, 0898 Dave

Tales of Taboo (radio mix), Karen Finley

Space Gladiator, Renegade Soundwave

Leave My Head Alone Brain (Repete mix), Henrik Schwarz

Walls, Crass

Dismembered, KUKL

Over Time, Wild Palms

Anthrax, Gang of Four

Ideologically Unsound, Poison Girls

Hym, Mouse on Mars

Je Suis Passee (dub mix), Hard Corps

MYOB, Wrangler

Alala, CSS

Nag Nag Nag, Cabaret Voltaire

My Own Invention, Theatre of Hate

Big A Little A, Crass

[This file will disappear when I upload the next one]


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