PunkRockDisco: Witch Hunt

PUNK ROCK DISCO. When punks tried to make dance music and when dancing music people get a bit punk rock. Or something. All bets are off.

* * *

Killing Joke were the ones who kicked everything off really, so it’s entirely appropriate that they do the same thing here. Getting Thrash to remix Requiem into a lazy, hazy A Floating Leaf Always Reaches the Sea dub mix was a GENIUS idea. Getting Spiral Tribe to remix Change on the other side was not genius. Two words: national service.

I also stuck the intro from some old Sonic Youth semi-official live bootleg over the top. Get me.

Róisín Murphy can do no wrong. This acapella of Leviathan, recorded with Freeform Five, one of three non-vinyl tracks on the mix, finds La Murphy on fine form. Do it yourself, you never know you might just get it right or blow it. Word.

I don’t know why I wasn’t arsed about Ciccone Youth’s Whitey Album when it came out but I’m making up for it now. It turns out recording the album was mostly a way of getting Mike Watt to make music again after the death of his buddy and bandmate D Boon – and I can’t think of a better reason to record an album. I think this track is called Third Fig – or Children of Satan, definitely one or the other, possibly both – and it rules.

No, that is not Marlene Dietrich backed by the Moomins playing theremins on Altair IV, but actually Little Annie Bandez, here literally killing it with Le Manger Hereux. This is the first of many Adrian Sherwood-produced tracks on here, followed up by a section of Get This, off of Keith le Blanc’s splendid Major Malfunction album. Thanks edv3ctor.

My old Microdot co-conspirator Jon Nuccle did a few tunes where he took the production techniques and sounds he used for techno and applied them to hip hop. This is Global Resistance ll by Pitch Invasion – another digital track – with Dark Side of the Wall 2000 by Public Enemy stuck not-too-subtly on top.

The Prayer by Regular Fries remains a killer tune. What’s also nice is that Griff, the man firing off jumbo guitar riffs like Keith Richards must have done four or five hundred years ago, has now hooked up with former Chumbawambas Dunstan and Harry to form the also-great Interrobang.

This guy saying “I’m imprisoned inside my head” is Col from Flux on Nothing is Not Done, one of three (yeah, that’s right, deal with it) Adrian Sherwood-produced tracks on Flux’s career-destroying Uncarved Block album. Wait a minute! Is that that family favourite Buttmeat by noted Scottish / bald producer, Howie B I hear? No? It must be another track off that Flux album then, Backword. No, I’m lying – fake news! Sad! CHINA! – it WAS Buttmeat by Howie B. Followed by Backword by Flux.

Who ever thought that Bad Houses, Big Black’s soppiest tune, would blend so well with Madness, Killing Joke’s grinding bass-heavy masterwork from their eponymous debut album? Everyone probably. Killing Joke were just another band that Big Black ripped off, and used and abused and discarded like so much defiled Kleenex. This is not news. Youth’s bass is though. They went well shit after he left the band, mostly. I wouldn’t bother after 1986.

I mixed a short section from Negativland’s Helter Stupid with Jega’s Move Your Body, which came out on a seven-inch released by Jockey Slut magazine in 1999. I think this particular rhythmic collision is probably the most underground thing I’ve EVER been involved with, up to and including giving Joey Beltram and his girlfriend a lift to a RAVE in SKIPTON.

More Sherwood shenanigans comes from Loudspeaker by Steve Beresford Circuit project, taken from the legendary On-U Sounds compilation, Pay it All Back Volume 1 (recommended retail price £1.49), closely followed by Bananas to the Beat by Yello, just because. I can tell you that they are named after the colour yellow and, while I’d like to say I was into this when it came out, I was actually nowhere near cool enough in 1985.

Intensifieder is the often-overlooked B-side to !!!’s debut Warp release, Me and Giuliani Down by the Schoolyard. I love this shit – especially the bit where the signal cuts in and out. I mean, this is punk, right? If it isn’t, what is? You don’t know.

How Does it Feel? is a track is by some guy off the internet – perhaps even France – named Yintan, which takes bits and pieces of old Crass records, and adds a little acid house trickery to produce a super-exciting update on anarcho punk.

People repurposing this stuff for their own ends now, in the present, not 40 years ago, is just brilliant, especially when it’s done with such aplomb. Isn’t it? Apparently not. I asked Penny and Steve about it on Twitter – twice – and they just ignored me.

It’s okay. People ignore me all the time.

Yeah, that’s right sucka. It’s Bjork, sounding very Bjork, even in 1985. This track, entitled France, comes from KUKL’s second album, Holidays in Europe. Yeah – obviously – they eventually became the Sugarcubes but this is from about 200 years before you even knew the Sugarcubes existed. Either way, this is 1000 per cent non-Brexit.

If anyone talks to you about anarcho punk and fails to mention Poison Girls, fuck them. They’re probably some nazi undercover infiltrator cop prick trying to bust your Chickens Lib cell man, faking you out. Fuck them off immediately. Poison Girls were fundamental to the entire scene. This is Reality Attack from the amazing Hex album. Educate yourself.

Same goes for the Mob, with their seminal Witch Hunt single. Yeah, funny how all this shit suddenly seems relevant again, eh? Fun fact: one of the first gigs the Mob played when they reformed was Jamie Hince’s (aka the former Mr Kate Moss) stag do. JD Twitch did an edit for his 10-inches of Fear thing. Overkill?

Like I care what you think.

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