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Craig David

JAMES the tour manager has just reminded Thalia the make-up woman that Craig the popstar has to be ready for the pre-gig press conference at 4pm.

The presence of Danish television camera crews necessitate Thalia’s presence – some of us have an image to keep up – although David doesn’t seem to need much work. He looks far healthier than any man in the latter stages of a European tour has any right to. He’s positively glowing.

Craig David is the most promising singer/songwriter this country has produced in years. He’s got an effortlessly lovely and soulful voice, he knows how to write a decent pop lyric, he’s young, good looking and suddenly he is everywhere.

“There’s all this fuss being made and I’m just thinking, I’m just this guy from Southampton who writes a few songs. It’s a bit surreal, to be honest,” he says, visibly perplexed by it all.

Sometimes it seems like Craig David is the living, breathing embodiment of multicultural Britain at its wholesome best, with his flawless coffee-coloured skin and catchy soulful ghetto-pop. At the very least, he’s a pin-up boy for a generation of teens. Unlike previous UK soul contenders such as, say, Mark Morrison or even Omar, Craig David is about as threatening as Sir Cliff Richard.

Thalia diligently pads away at David’s face, stopping when he waves his hands around. She doesn’t seem to be doing much, some white stuff goes on and then instantly disappears under her brush. A brown smear, a shade or two darker than David’s skin-tone, goes on and vanishes just as quickly. We all swap over halfway through so she can do the other side of this face.

A homegrown and wholesome British talent, David doesn’t drink – apart from an occasional glass of wine – doesn’t smoke and doesn’t take drugs. The only chink in his careful diplomacy comes when he says he “hates” smoking. He doesn’t even swear – “knackered” is about as close as he gets.

But he’s looking good on it.

Unlike the crazy kamikaze nut-job who created Wired For Sound, Craig David still lives with his mum in Hampshire – if the 19-year-old globetrotter can be said to live anywhere. And rather than talking about sharing Mistletoe & Wine with all mankind, he talks about sharing Champagne and jacuzzis with all the ladies.

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Richard Moonboots

ACCORDING to Richard Moonboots’ MySpace profile, he is currently into:

“Balearic beats, Cricket, Scandinavian design, Barbour jackets, Liverpool FC, Fine wine, Sea food, the rather fine English countryside, Metro maps of the world, Beard growth, German orthopaedic footwear, Roberts radios, Moleskine notepads, Meat, Nordic crime literature, Cheesecake, Photography, Expensive socks, My daily Sudoku ..”

I interviewed Moonboots in July 2001 for the Big Issue in the North, just before the release of his mix for Phil Mison’s Soundcolors series, although I’d met him out and about a few years before that, and had been going to Aficionado, on and off, since the early days at Aqua.

Unfortunately, space constraints meant that the interview wasn’t a long one – though since our sub editor managed to insert another D into ‘Addidas’, perhaps that’s just as well. That wasn’t embarrassing at all. Oh no.

Tediously, I can’t find my original interview notes so I’ve added a review I did of Aficionado in January 2000.

I have bittersweet memories of this particular night because I was ‘on a break’ with a girl I was seeing at the time, went down to Zumbar and got bowled over by this beautiful Dutch siren. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her number. I never saw her there again. Hmmm.

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