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Penny Rimbaud

TWENTY years ago, Britain was beset by riots, right-wing extremism, simmering racial tension, mass redundancies and a crumbling social infrastructure. Its Tory government, buttressed by a seemingly unassailable parliamentary majority, appeared to be hell bent on cementing the ‘special relationship’ with the United States, no matter what the cost.

Meanwhile, a largely indifferent population shrugged its collective shoulders and got on with checking its bingo numbers.

Britain then was, of course, a very different place to the land of milk and honey we live in today. Times have changed. We’ve all moved on. Haven’t we?

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Richard Moonboots

ACCORDING to Richard Moonboots’ MySpace profile, he is currently into:

“Balearic beats, Cricket, Scandinavian design, Barbour jackets, Liverpool FC, Fine wine, Sea food, the rather fine English countryside, Metro maps of the world, Beard growth, German orthopaedic footwear, Roberts radios, Moleskine notepads, Meat, Nordic crime literature, Cheesecake, Photography, Expensive socks, My daily Sudoku ..”

I interviewed Moonboots in July 2001 for the Big Issue in the North, just before the release of his mix for Phil Mison’s Soundcolors series, although I’d met him out and about a few years before that, and had been going to Aficionado, on and off, since the early days at Aqua.

Unfortunately, space constraints meant that the interview wasn’t a long one – though since our sub editor managed to insert another D into ‘Addidas’, perhaps that’s just as well. That wasn’t embarrassing at all. Oh no.

Tediously, I can’t find my original interview notes so I’ve added a review I did of Aficionado in January 2000.

I have bittersweet memories of this particular night because I was ‘on a break’ with a girl I was seeing at the time, went down to Zumbar and got bowled over by this beautiful Dutch siren. Unfortunately, I didn’t get her number. I never saw her there again. Hmmm.

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