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Working as a waitress in a cocktail bar ..

A CASUAL remark on Twitter about being too skint to make Derrick ‘@blucu’ Carter’s gig at Moho Live in Manchester last week was all it took for the man himself to get in touch. The missus and me were only too glad to take him up on his kind and generous offer.

I make no apologies. I am shameless and she is easily led.

I’m sure he won’t make a habit of it but money is tight at the moment and we were very grateful. Happily, as well as being a lovely geezer, the guy is a fucking demon on the decks, playing a variety of alternately soulful and jacking house music. All of which seemed to be on vinyl.

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If die Antwoord is the answer, what the fokk is the question?

I WON’T bore you with the sordid details. Suffice to say – once more, with feeling – it is a brilliant and fantastic thing that I can get to hear beautiful and amazing new music for free, because if I had to pay for it I’d be up shit creek.

So let’s hear it for illegal file-sharing.

I am joking, of course. The only illegal downloading I’ve done this month is a long-deleted single by an old hippie punk band from Somerset by the name of Null & Void, your honour. I will immediately grass up those dirty squatters at Kill Your Pet Puppy for putting me on to that one, God bless ‘em.

The fact is, I’ve not heard Stay for about 25 years and listening to a rip of the original scratchy vinyl again made me very happy. And yes, now that I’ve got a decent enough quality download, I probably won’t bother buying it again.

Is that killing the music industry? No, I don’t think so either. I’ll try to make more of an effort in the future, promise.

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