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DOUG and me interviewed Stig and Aphid (aka the Baron) of Amebix at the Bierkeller in Leeds in December 1983, where they were appearing on a bill which also featured Disorder and Antisect.

amebixWith a rather confrontational interview style – the modus operandi seems to be to get drunk and ask as many awkward, deliberately stupid questions as possible – we collided with a band who were desperate to break out of a punk scene they felt they had little in common with.

This fractious encounter makes up the second part of our February anarcho-punk double whammy.

* * *

WHY are you so obsessed with war?

Aphid: “We’re trying to make people aware that there are certain situations arising that could result in a nuclear war in Europe. There’s not a great deal else happening to write about. So I can’t find any other inspiration”.

Is Britain approaching the beginning of the end?

A: “I can’t say. I’m not a politician”.

Did you start the band to just have a laugh or did you want to achieve something?

A: “Basically, we started just as a piss about. Stig got a little guitar and a little amplifier, a bloke called Clive got a bass and another shitty amp and we had a drummer sitting on a motorbike seat hitting a biscuit tin. We just pissed about, really.

“We used to play a lot in Devon and got ourselves a really bad reputation. One gig we played, out at a place called Milton Abbott, there were about 150 kids there, not punks, mostly ordinary kids. We just said, ‘if you don’t like it, you can fuck off out of the hall’, so everybody left. Except this one kid who was a mate of ours. Everybody else was outside getting pissed”.

So, have you actually changed anything since the band formed?

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