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IT’S Saturday, so we’re in Manchester, mid-way through the NME rave tour, and everyone is a little subdued. Despite looking like a bad-ass girl-gang from the barrio in their skinny jeans and dirty trainers, CSS are friendly enough, but they’re tired – and they’re desperate to get sushi before Selfridges closes.

In the three years since they bounced out of São Paulo like some globetrotting gang of cartoon crime-fighters, CSS have amazed and befuddled audiences all over the world with their energetic, exuberant, slightly crazy live shows. They somehow manage to play up to Brazilian stereotypes without actually sounding remotely Brazilian.

“People think we’re this band who parties so hard,” smiles guitarist Ana Rezende. “In France, this guy said to me, where are you gonna party tonight? And I’m like, I’m gonna party on the bus, I’ve been on tour for like six months, I really need to have a good night’s sleep. He didn’t understand.”

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Germ Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex (EMI)

MUCH as we hate to admit it, blokes often develop what little musical taste we possess from hanging around with women.

We might bemoan their inability to put the right CD in the right fucking case, get all condescending about their blissful ignorance of the intricacies of Jah Wobble’s early career or straight take the piss out of their lamentable regard for Coldplay, but women tend to like stuff because they actually like it, not because it’s fashionable and they think they should. Unlike many blokes. Continue reading


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