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Uncarved Block by Flux (One Little Indian)

THE STRANGEST thing about Uncarved Block is just how much everyone seems to hate it.

Flux of Pink Indians’ first album – the snappily-named Strive to Survive Causing the Least Suffering Possible – was a very likeable kind of angry, knockabout Crass punk with tunes and feedback.

By contrast, their second, The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks, was a very unlikeable maelstrom of feedback, shouting and no tunes whatsoever. And that was kind of the whole point.

Even so, the greying, befuddled online remnants of the anarcho-punk community seem to prefer The Fucking Cunts to Uncarved Block, the band’s third album, an ultra-accessible collection of loose-limbed dub funk with lyrics inspired by Taoism.

“Uncarved Block was the most unexpected of the band’s three studio albums, delivering more polemic allied to dance and funk rhythms that left their previous audience totally nonplussed,” says some guy off the internet. “It was a dreadful effort.”

Uncarved Block is, it seems, “largely uninteresting”, “self-indulgent rubbish” and, according to Flux guitarist Kev Hunter in The Day the Country Died, “nothing to do with punk in the slightest, a completely neutered record with no balls at all. Trumpets and bongos on a punk album? Arty-farty shite, I’m afraid.”

You have to peer into some very dark and dusty corners of the internet to find another view.

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Flux and Freaks, Twitter ye not

EAGLE-EYED readers will have noticed that Expletive Undeleted now has its own ‘Twittery-Twattery’ feed (down there on the right) where I talk about all the things I can’t be arsed blogging about, in 140 characters or less.  Come join the party. You will get spammed by PR twats! Yay!

There are also a few new additions to the blogroll – Manchester arts and culture supremo Mancubist, superlative resource for all things clubby / DJing / house music-related, Resident Advisor, and the fairly self-expanatory Easy Listening World.

And while we’re at it, visit History Is Made At Night for more of Transpontine’s fascinating and informative words on the politics of dancing, all around the world, right through the ages. Marvellous and inspiring stuff.

And while we have our dancing shoes on, the ever-generous Freaks are giving away mp3s of two versions of a new song, the groovy and very beautiful Black Shoes, White Socks. All your need to get your ears on these bits of top notch bendy house music is go to the Music For Freaks website and sign your life away.  You probably won’t regret it.

Kev H from the recently re-defunct Flux got in touch to let me know that Hard Night Out, the Professor Green track which samples Tube Disaster by Flux, finally looks like getting a formal release. Head over here to see the vid. I think they might be getting a percentage so let’s make it a hit, eh chaps?


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