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Jah Shaka Presents Dub Masters Volume 1 by Various Artists (Island Records)

EVERYONE seems to regard the Eighties as a very fragmented decade, where the nation’s youth were divided up into a series of distinct tribes – football fans, indie kids, skins, punks, skaters, whatever – with, the odd bit of casual ultra-violence aside, very little interaction between each. That wasn’t really the case.

We were coming to the end of the time when you had to be ‘something’. Or maybe it was just me feeling like that, having finally reached some kind of level of maturity.

I don’t think I ever self identified as ‘a raver’, in the same way I never really thought of myself as ‘a punk’, as such. I just used to like wearing stupid clothes, having a bad haircut and listening to poorly produced music on a cheap record player. And, at least as far as the people I hung about with were concerned, everyone seemed to be into everything.

Either way, whatever the fuck you call the kind of people who listened to the Fall, the Buttholes, Sonic Youth and Big Black in 1989, I was one of them. Ditto Public Enemy, KRS-1, the Cabs, Renegade Soundwave and the Shamen. And the Stone Roses and the Mondays. And Ofra Haza. And On-U Sound – Tackhead, Dub Syndicate – and lots more dub.

Meanwhile, the musical landscape of Britain was shifting and, just like everyone else, I was getting more and more into house music.

I was all about the music. You may have noticed.

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Serge, Shaka and an Englishman in Berlin

I’M A LITTLE bit slow on the uptake on this, but some kind soul on an unrelated forum pointed me in the direction of Minimatic, who they first heard on the supercool music player on Aurgasm.

There’s a great remix of an old Serge Gainsbourg track which may be familiar to fans of The Lovers, and even a cover A-ha’s Take On Me. Liking Minimatic a lot.

The lovely John at Uncarved recently went to see Jah Shaka rocking the foundations of a roller disco in north London and wrote about it here. Inspiring stuff. I need to see him again, soon.

Batson Bargreaves is a Victorian gentleman whose diary of engagements in genteel south Manchester, and associated whimsical anthropological musings, have somehow been transposed onto the modern-day webnet in the form of Cotton and Coal. He is/was in Berlin at the moment.

Have the authorities been informed?

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Commandments of Dub, Chapter 8: Imperial Dub by Jah Shaka (Jah Shaka Music)

I WORKED the counter of Record Village in sunny Scunthorpe for a while, and as well as hoovering up, making brews and surreptitiously pressuring kids into buying my fanzine, I also ordered indie records from Red Rhino distribution in York. I was only hired in the first place because I was buying all that stuff anyway, as a punter, and geeky enough to fit the bill.

Naturally enough, I blew a hefty chunk of my meagre wage on records. I was a kid in a sweet shop. Daft as a brush. More money than sense – and I never seemed to have any money. But I had a fantastic record collection.

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