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Blyth Power

“I THINK a lot of people might come expecting something like the Mob.”

“The thing is, a lot of people come to see us in London who I never saw at a Mob gig. And nobody came to see Zounds in any case.”

“Out of London, it’s still very strange to people. In London we’ve had whole places dancing. People are even getting special dances together to cope with the slow ones ..”

It’s not like Blyth Power avoid talking about the past. They’re quite ready to talk about the past, even if you ask them direct questions like, how much is your popularity to do with the Mob? They’re not afraid of it. They just think that what they’re doing now is a lot more important and interesting. I’m inclined to agree with them.

Josef: “At Adam & Eve’s in Leeds, they put ‘ex-Mob’ on the posters and a lot of people walked out when we didn’t play Mob songs.”

Andy: “That happened in Doncaster as well. There was about 10 people and the hall was massive. There was a skinhead sitting at the front who obviously loved the Mob and he sat there through the set and halfway through he just got up and walked out. That was the past walking out.”

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Old punks don't die, they just go online

STUFF that has been floating my boat this week:

Although it’s new to the Expletive Undeleted blogroll Kill Your Pet Puppy has been online for just over a year. It’s a blog by the same people – Tony D, Al, Penguin – who put together the legendary punk rock fanzine in the late Seventies/early Eighties. They’re adding old fanzine reprints, downloads of vintage punk vinyl and obscure demo and live cassette tapes and the like, all the time.

One of my favourite bits of KYPP is Josef Porter’s ongoing serialised autobiography, Genesis to Revolutions, with tales of squats, trains, chillums and his time in bands like Zounds and the Mob. Pathetically, I was hoping for a mention when he gets to Blyth Power – I think I might have done the historic first interview with the band – but I’ve probably scuppered my chances of that now.

Another thing I really like about KYPP is the fact that people really respond to it and, in common with all the best blogs, each entry is accompanied by lively and informed comments from readers – which are often every bit as interesting and illuminating as the original post. We seem to have arrived back in fanzineland without even realising it. Highly recommended.

jesus-use-meLP Cover Lover specialises in sharing cover art from the time when albums had two sides and came in flat cardboard packaging 12 inches square.

I’m gagging to hear the music on the records themselves but there are no downloads, which is a pity. Even so, LP Cover Lover is one of my favourite things in the whole wide world of web at the moment.

Insights from the Engine Room is a new blog written by former Manchester radio DJ, record plugger and man about town Tony ‘the Greek’ Michaelides, relocated to sunny Florida. The blog finds Tony musing on his years in the old-school music business most amusingly, although I do wish he would name names in the more scurrilous entries. Dish the dirt Tony, you know you want to.

Ali Catterall has written a fascinating piece for the Channel 4 film website called The Story Of Babylon By The People Who Made It, with quotes and insights from the cast and crew of the seminal British reggae flick (which is just about to be released on DVD). Ali tells me that just three journalists turned up for the recent Babylon interview junket at the NFT recently, so this could be as good as it gets.

And have you seen that TV programme where celebrities force themselves through holes in moving walls? I like that too.


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